March 2023


31 IBU 22.7 SRM
This Brown Ale boasts a delectable flavour profile with notes of coffee and chocolate derived from roasted grains. Additionally, the inclusion of oatmeal lends a delightful creamy texture reminiscent of a classic milkshake, without the lactose.


48 IBU 5.4 SRM
This refreshing and light Blonde Ale that is perfect for easy drinking. With a crisp and clean taste, this beer is brewed to perfection with a carefully selected blend of hops that offer a delicate yet flavorful aroma and a subtle bitterness that is balanced by a sweet malt base. This sessionable ale is ideal for those who are looking for a lower ABV option without compromising on taste. It contains a mere 78 calories, which is equivalent to 0.37 of a standard drink serving. Whether you are relaxing at home or socializing with friends, Low Tide Ale is the perfect beverage to enjoy.  

ESB 5.5% ABV

45 IBU 5 SRM
The English style bitter (ESB) is the malty cousin to our Farm Best Bitter. Very sessionable with a medium body. 

Feburary 2023

SIKORSKY S61 Barleywine 10% ABV 

37 IBU 12 SRM
The first release in our Sikorsky Series. Made with Floor Malted #19 Maris Otter grain boiled long for a rich toffee creme caramel, and malty finish. Hopped to style and very lightly carbonated to showcase the richness of the beer.


26 IBU 8 SRM
Hornby Conservancy fundraiser with artwork donated by Dana Statham & labels donated by Royal Labels. Modern Blonde Ale, unfiltered, vegan and a little bit hazy. Light in colour at 8 SRM and 26 IBU. Hoppy but not overpowering. 

January 2023

Farm Best Bitter 4.9% ABV

28 IBU 9.9 SRM
Farm hopped bitter ale in the style of Tadcaster Pub Ale. Malty satistfaction with an easy drinking smooth finish.  

Hazy Pale Ale 4.9% ABV

56 IBU 4.5 SRM
Hazy dry hopped pale ale with loads of citrus flavours.

December 2022

VTOL Pale Ale

VTOL Pale Ale 5% ABV

31 IBU 9 SRM
A medium bodied, modern hazy pale ale with a citrus finish. This ale has a sweet and “bready" texture that pours bright yellow. Features Myrtle Meadows Centennial, Fuggle and Comet Hops from the Pemberton Valley, finished with Idaho 7 and Bitter Gold. Available exclusively at Helijet when you fly between Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. 

Hornby Light 3.8% ABV

A light American pre-prohibition style lager with notes of corn. Pours pale straw in colour with a clean finish and light malt body.

November 2022

Captain Cool-Ish 5.5%

15.3 IBU 3.5 SRM
Light tasting with slightly fruit forward yeast notes make for a pleasurable and refreshing experience. 

IPA 6%

55 IBU 6 SRM
Wheat, oats and lots of west coast hops. make this a modern juicy IPA that is a bIt hazy. It has been fermented with a classic english ale strain.


Dry finishing and refreshing fruit beer featuring Hornby Island grown plums. Full of fruit and perfect for fall.

October 2022

Castaway Blonde Ale 5.5%

24 IBU 8 SRM
Simple balanced Blonde ale that finishes clean with notes of malt.

Fresh Hopped Castaway Blonde Ale 5.5%

24 IBU 8 SRM
Easy drinking Castaway Blonde Ale with the addition of Hornby Island grown Centennial, Pacific Jade, Cascade and Nugget hops.

Du Tournai A Hornby Belgian Tripel 8.5%

28 IBU 18 SRM
Full Bodied yet easy drinking Belgian Tripel style ale. Can conditioned for delicate and ample carbonation. Be careful as this beer packs a punch. STORE COLD

Saison Du Hainaut Belgian Saison 6%

18 IBU 10 SRM
A medium bodied Belgian Saison in the style that you would find in the Wallonian province of Hainaut. Wheat, and spicy yeast esters are complemented with the refermentation in the can to give the beer delicate and ample carbonation. STORE COLD

May 2022


“From San to Don” Collaboration at LoveShack Libations in Qualicum Beach, BC. Dave Paul of LoveShack Libations hosted Ashley Stotts of Hornby Island Brewing Company back in March 2022 to brew this Ukrainian Imperial Stout, part of the Victory Series from Pravda Brewery in Lviv, Ukraine. Was available in limited release 500 ml bottles exclusively at LoveShack Libations. All proceeds went to Ukraine Relief Funds.


Brewed at LoveShack Libations, Qualicum Beach BC

Label Artwork by Pravda Brewery, Lviv Ukraine

September 2022

Table Beer 4%

40 IBU 6 SRM
A medium bodied hoppy beer that will surprise you how low the ABV is for the flavour.

Juice Shed - Blackberry 5.5%

Dry finishing and refreshing fruit beer featuring Hornby Island grown blackberries. Full of fruit and perfect for the end of summer.

IPA 6%

66.6 IBU 20 SRM
An old school english style IPA.

January 2022

Exit 101 Label

Exit 101

EXIT 101 is the sign you’ve almost arrived at your destination. Island time awaits. Whether you are enjoying a walk along the sandstone cliffs of Helliwell Provincial Park, the white sand beaches of Tribune Bay or riding the trails on Mount Geoffrey we hope the touch of Hornby Island grown hops allows you to enjoy a slower pace wherever your adventure takes you.

5% ABV IBU 28 SRM 6.9

Brewed under license at Container Brewing in Vancouver, BC.

Label artwork by Dana Statham

December 2020

Reflection Label


5.5% ABV

A beer to help calm the rough seas of 2020 – a pause in the storm to sit back, relax, and reflect. A beer to bring us all together, even while we’re apart.
This extra pale ale, made with locally sourced ingredients, is hopped with Citra, Comet, and Centennial. The beer has a soft mouthfeel with notes of tangelo, melon, bread, and tangerine. The barley and wheat malt are from Alberta & BC; The hops are from the Pemberton & Fraser valleys.

Available December 2020 in both “bubble” friendly 355ml cans and “socially distant patio” friendly 20L kegs.

IBU 26 SRM 4

Brewed under license at Container Brewing in Vancouver, BC.
Label artwork by Dana Statham. 

February 2020

Pacific Madrona Label

Pacific Madrona

Like our favourite tree, this beer is always in season. Light malt character, made with Vancouver Island Malted 2 row barley, Flaked Oats, Specialty Caramel 20 and Victory Barley and a touch of honey sourced from Hornby Island's own Middle Mountain Mead. The hops used were Magnum, Amarillio, and Mosaic. Dry Hopped with Simcoe for a touch of pine and citrus to balance out the sweetness of the malts.

IBU 36 SRM 7

Brewed under licence in Duncan BC.

Label artwork by Dana Statham.

July 2019 

Beach Wheat Label

Beach Wheat

A light bodied refreshing wheat ale hopped to deliver a citrus wave on a calm malt sea. The ideal companion on the warm sand of Hornby Island, or wherever your beach happens to be.

IBU 18 SRM 3.8

Brewed under licence in Duncan BC.

Label artwork by Dana Statham


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