Water Usage

Fact Sheet

1. We are a NANO brewery

As the smallest brewery in BC, in footprint and production volume, our water usage is low. Each batch is 150L or 39 gallons total.

2. Island Health Approved Water

Like many businesses on the island, we use an Island Health approved water hauler.

3. Water Consumption

We use less water in our manufacturing facility in six weeks than an average two person household does in 10 days

4. Low Impact Business Practises

Using a low water/high temp dishwasher in our tasting room, reusable cups at the market & an extensive recycling program are just some of the ways we reduce our overall waste/impact.

5. Wastewater System

We had a one-of-a-kind on island designed waste water system built at our facilty, which sidestreams biomass and keeps our groundwater safe. Spent grain is fed to local livestock